Spring = 2017 = 1st & 3rd Thursdays / May 4 & 18    =  7:45 - 9:45
Summer = 2017 = 1st Thursdays /June 1, July 6, Aug 3   =  7:30 - 9:30
Autumn = 2017 = 1st Fridays /Sept 1, Oct 6, Nov 3, Dec 1   =  7:30 - 9:30

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Whatever needs more love in your body, your life, this is how we move here. 

Music to deeply entrain one's spine, one's heart,

to spiral together in self-love, slowly like a lover's dance. 

~ you ride the vehicle, surf the waves, find nuanced meaning from within ~ 

Dance at its deepest channel, on the edge of trance, to its lightest grace of flow.

=for more info. visit :  other pages of this website here - bioL format / bioL testimonials

An intimate dreamlike movement journey dance inspired by a sophisticated soundtrack and conscious attentiveness.

Each participant autonomously flows in his/her own exploration in a safely held container.

Interaction & communion between participants happens in a natural flow when desired.
All aspects of human experience embodied enrich our lives.

This journey invites emotional experience & release, transformation that is possible

by touching the beauty of vulnerability. 

Space, energy, breath, stillness are allowed as much attention as rhythm and movement.


20 Dickinson St, AMHERST MA [off Main St]

* Disability street level accessible at this address [see parking info at end*]


$15 a session - please pay this if you are able

Sliding $10 - [ intended for low income, unemployed, high medical bill-challenges]
bioL operates as a not-for-profit group, and funds go to cover rent, music purchase, Meetup charges, printing costs, other related expenses
Once expenses are covered, and ongoing support sustainable, any extra funds will be able to help those who can not afford,

donations to good causes.

Let’s do what we can together to keep building our personal & community resilience! 


  1. *bioLUMINosity  is a nonverbal experience during music / movement portion.

  2. *other sounding is permitted. We are staying out of the verbal-linguistic brain

However, obvious exception is any emergency medical need!



If parking lot is full -

extra parking is available on Main St or behind the studio [one level down]

to park in the large lot behind - enter RED Barn Studios -

drive to rear, right, park, come up the lit single flight of stairs and around to the front entrance.