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Note - Deep Divers follows a slightly different schedule.
1] immersion exercise lesson including music 
2] music movement journey   3] journal    4] closing


~ bioLUMINosity ~ find your inner light!

    Movement is life force...

    breath of air, fire of heart, water in veins, earth of bones and joints. 

    Shift even a little - nerves, muscles, eyes, ears, internal organs...

    notice focus jump to what newly needs attention.

    Shift focus.

    Inside -  emotions and chemical responses are stimulated.

~ bioLUMINosity ~ is a powerful process to find, feel your inner light & learn to shine it out glowingly!

  1. Bullet    Intentional contemplative spontaneous movement process to music. 

        The music is prearranged to assist deep personal exploration.  It does not define how you move, but shares rhythms, tones, speeds, and patterns that stimulate chakras[energy centers within the body] in a specific order, following an arc and resolution in the body much like a story or a journey to another country. There is a beginning, various places along the way to explore, and a returning home with the new wonders of what has been seen fresh inside us to process. 

  1. Bullet    The facilitator  introduces only briefly ways or reminders of noticing, using breath or movement to explore rather than dance moves.

You will be able to set your own Intention of focus with more ease as you continue moving with the process.

Over time you may learn and even discover independently many more ways to explore and create transformations in your life.

What to expect ~ format

Arrive on time for check-in -
[sign-in sheet, donation, bathroom, business to discuss with fireUrchin]

*Silence OR meditative warmup music will be on briefly

A brief portion of warmup music may play while people come into the space, handle business and move to get settled into the dance.

  1. Bullet    This is a good time to literally shake off any negative energy, metaphorically dump your outside experience, stretch out aches and stiff muscles, or lie in stillness to get closely in touch with wherever you are called to notice internally.

Attendees circle together on the floor briefly.

  1. Bullet    fireUrchin as facilitator will guide this opening circle and present a suggestive though open focus. It is especially helpful to those new to using movement as a contemplative practice. You may focus on other areas if you choose.

  1. Bullet  From this floor position, music for the nonverbal movement journey begins, and natural responses occur. The journey is of body, mind, soul, spirit, so some people may appear to not dance. The personal choice to meditate lying down, sitting, or in any position, on a mat, the floor, alone or with a partner is all fine.

There is no right or wrong way or amount one must move, just ALLOWING, PAYING ATTENTION, NOTICING, ALLOWING - with of course honoring the boundaries within and of others. We ALLOW others to have their own personal journey, knowing it may appear to be other than is actually being experienced by that person.

  1. Bullet    This journey portion runs for approximately 100 minutes

The dance ends in “stillness”.  Stillness may include movement.  Generally this is small movement, but it is internally driven, so this may vary in participants and sessions.  Movement may continue into the silence. 

When all are settled, attendees come together again in closing circle.
At this time, those who wish to, may share a very brief verbal reflection on their experience from that dance. 

  1. Bullet    A brief ending ritual, such as a bowing in to each other, or a group hug closes the circle for that night.


  1. Bullet    A safe container is created by these commitments =

Adhering to guidelines and format.


Showing up for Intentional focus of the Opening Circle.

(if unable, honor this practice and carry it into the space immediately upon arriving, while signing in, etc)


Staying to the end is beneficial to the container, to process personally, and in group sense of completion, 

Speaking from the “I” experience. how “I’ feel, experienced, and observed that inspired me, etc... rather than interpreting others’ actions, intentions or emotions.

  1. Bullet     Showing up for oneself - sometimes there is work to be done to reach a more satisfying place of ease, self-acceptance, where one can be free in the moment and the movement, and take the process into other aspects of life. It begins with showing up, and ALLOWING time to ease in, ALLOWING feelings to be alive and flowing. It is like holding the baby one was long ago, that is still inside.

  1. Bullet     As a contemplative practice, we focus on heightening awareness of the senses.  It is not about doing something to alter our senses, but noticing can alter our awareness  and mimic or feel like an altering of senses. We tune in to things that are often ignored as we go about the norm of talking, ignoring, focused on only work, etc.

    Here movement time is nonverbal - no words, no chatter, save that conversation for outside after the dance, or another time.

    SOUNDING is not verbal, and is not inhibited. Using voice for humming, vibrating sound, singing tones, allowing sound to come through without a plan for it, including laughing, crying, or angry sounds are accepted in this space as part of our soundscape.

Like any practice (such as yoga or meditation) it takes time in each session - and as an ongoing practice -  to develop and increase conscious awareness.

  1. Bullet   Heightening one’s senses can be exciting, but it may require learning to find new ways to honor boundaries - and share where one’s lie without words. One can learn how to both strengthen and expand boundaries in dance contact with others by noticing the feelings that rise up more closely, and permitting yourself to follow what feels right without confusion. Thus greater trust in self to recognize safe situations grows and supports connection and trust with others.

what do I bring or wear?

Hydrate!  Bring Water - bring or fill your bottle at the tap

Bathroom and sink are available.

Wear comfy clothes to move easily with the coverage you prefer.  Bare feet is usually best. Our soles have pressure points that offer healing. The body can often correct imbalances through realignment from shifting in natural movement

If you prefer socks, it can be slippery, so consider socks with some grip for safety. Other types of partial foot protection for bare feet are also available. NO OUTDOOR SHOES ALLOWED. If shoes are absolutely needed for support, make them soft soled and only used for dance.

The Barn Studio has a great floor, radiant floor heating/cooling which keeps the temperature even all year long, perfect night dimmed lighting for deep relaxing, great sound to hear all the nuances without pounding volume, worldwide decor with sweet sweet energy!  

“What if I can’t dance? “ I don’t like the way I look.”

We are not focused on looking in mirrors for our self image. NO RIGHT OR WRONG.  We seek to remove ourselves from ego and move to deeper consciousness by focus on our inner feelings, body senses, and nonverbal interactions with others.  DROPPING JUDGMENT IS PART OF THE PROCESS.

We move in diverse ways, and one way we heal our bodies is to pay attention and listen to them about where to breathe and stretch.

phone: 413 - 992 - 8382

email : fireUrchin@mac.com

"Imagine ...the body is simply the luminous manifestation of soul; whose body dances ...with a music heard inwardly, in an expression of something out of another, profounder world. .....natural .... not imitative, speaking in movement out of self ..... out of something greater than all selves."

Isadora Duncan   [excerpt from]
The Philosopher's Stone of Dancing, 1920

© bonnie lambourn 2018  fireUrchin

this time of Samhain .... Celtic festival

            celebrating the entry into darkness of winter

         when the veil between the two worlds is thinnest

        come move


                                            space ~  time ~  the unexpected


                     ~ evocative ~  primal ~  magical ~