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            In 2014, after my move to W. Massachusetts, I changed the name of these journeys to BioLUMINosity .  I feel this better reflects the inner space each participant holds of Light and Life. 

            Prior to this, the name was “fireUrchin flow UNdance”, prior to that “fireUrchin flow”, and in its birthing stage was called “Magical Metaphysical Mystery Tour!”     ~ fireUrchin

    response from  2012  [recalled on 10/2/2012]  
   What does it mean
    When I came out of Shadow ?
    The music began and felt 
    as though my world 
    was completely slipping away.
    The Negative Voices began to
    overpower my every movement.
    Unable to stand, drowning in water,
    my tears began to choke me.
    Shadow cast over me as I rose up
    to fight the Demons of Love.

    {While at a low point in my marriage, 
     where I had come to a crossroads,  
    this was my experience during my first ever ~ 
        fireUrchin flow ~ }
    response from Nov 10, 2012 -

    “Water Tiger Medicine” 

    Thanks again for a beautiful program Saturday. :). 
    Wow, water tiger is powerful in a really cool way!

    Appreciate all that you do. 

    Krista Highfield
    Movement Therapist, TX

                        Some responses from event of Aug 21, 2010

Fire Urchin Dance is:

Racing Madly backwards

To find … some mysterious self you lost at sea

Only to find it had grown stronger

Under the waves

Finding You.

Years adrift, sailing ….away

But never here.

Blue Night Fire Sunset. Fuit Ilium.

Alas Troy is no more. For nothing.

Nautical break on the rocks,

Forlorn body washed ashore.

The Fire Urchins rise next to you

On a lonely island.

Whispering, teasing, bleeding

life back into your soul.

Casting their webs

Over Lonely Sailors. Like me. Like me.

I recognize Memnon, his nobility,

exchanged glancing recognitions

and memories of our duties delayed

in distant and strange lands.

Longing for home, for Ithaca.

The tide rises, give it everything.

Endeavor to persevere. Retain identity!

I drown three times, and every time

Another muse lifts me up for air.

Journey through a different

Wave, Sound, Illusion, searching….

Inspiring. Swimming through the Air.

Don’t worry about home, don’t look back.

There is only the vast, treacherous, wonderful sea,

And the Sirens, singing to passing sailors a song

As olde as the stars: Lay aside your burdens,

Home has always been here, under the water,

By the rocks. Under the swirls.

Swim to me, come back to Me.

Your home is the sea.

Dance in the ocean my darling,

And forget your name.

~  Rusty Rach

(Rusty  is a poi & fire spinner - whirling his way to peace! He lit up the night at Earthdance Houston 2010!  He is also a dedicated teacher of history and debate.)

“deep FireUrchin transformational dance in Nia studio turned cavern of mystery and Venusian delight. 
fish poi. 
contact entangled on a parachute.”   

           ~  Quaglia (juliett jade quail)
                               from Damanhur, Italy + 

(Quaglia has been described many times over as an ageless & timeless pixie. 

At this reunion, I felt her as Fully Empowered Sage & Seer! 

She is now a resident and ambassador for Damanhur Intentional Community)

"the silent song of bodies moving wordlessly alone and together, sweet intentions of love to self and other, wonder arising with fresh possibilities of each moment, the dance of angels...

it was an honor and a pleasure...gratitude and hugs..."

~ Linda Chirin Limbaugh from Texas City, TX

(Chirin is buddhist, poet lyricist, singer - siren! steeped in deep knowledge of Non-Violent Communication, she has taught environmental water skills as part of Art Boat, and is now a science teacher)


       I have always been drawn to the music Bonnie plays.     

        I appreciate the range of styles, the quality of musicianship and the textures.                  

       Bonnie creates a safe space.      

         There is something about her presence in the room that simply gives permission for any expression, be it deep resting,

        wild physical catharsis, partnering, solo time, wandering, long stillnesses, or sitting in a chair and witnessing...

        all is acceptable.    

         I’ve always felt deeply restored and nourished after a journey with Bonnie.

        ~ Lisa Lani Nahele Schmidt 

        ~ Certified Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering / BodySoulMoving & LaniPants / Studio rEvolution, Florence, MA

I began to Leap and Laugh . . .

    an orgasmic feeling came over me

    as Shadow began to Spit me out

    and down

    the Rabbit hole.

    I go as the Sun begins to Shine -

    my body is really here.

    I have control of my own movements.

    Leap, dive, dance and do!

    Spinning into a whirlwind of

    chaotic melodic love flow.

    I am cast out of Shadow and

    Standing on my own two feet again.


                        Peace and Love,


                    Massage Therapist, Mother,

                    Lover, Dancer & Friend


                                Testimonials & poetic responses to prior “fireUrchin flow events”: Houston, TX